Elsat Single LNB 10.6

R120.00 R90.00

Elsat Single LNB 10.6



52dB (Min.) 63dB (Max.)
at room temp.
Low Band: 9.75GHz
High Band: 10.60GHz
Low Band: 950 ~ 1950MHz
High Band: 1100 ~ 2150MHz
±1.0MHz (Max.) @ +25ºC
±3.0MHz (Max.) @ -40ºC ~+60ºC
Low Band: 10.70 ~ 11.70GHz
High Band: 11.70 ~ 12.75GHz
40dB (Min.)
Image Rejection:
2.5 :1 (Max.)
Output VSWR:
25dB (Typ.)
Cross POL Isolation:
DC Current Consumption:
Low Band: 0kHz
High Band: 22kHz ± 4kHz
Low/High Band Switching:
12.0 ~ 14.0 V @ VP
16.0 ~ 20.0 V @ HP
POL Switching Voltage:
-40ºC ~ +60ºC
Operating Temperature:
Gain Flatness:
Conversion Gain:
L.O. Frequency:
Input Frequency:
Output Frequency Range:
L.O Frequency Stability:
±0.5dB / 26MHz
0.7dB (Typ.)
Noise Figure:
L.O Phase Noise:
-50dBc / Hz @ 1KHz
-75dBc / Hz @ 10KHz
-95dBc / Hz @ 100KH


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